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  1. Came and watched Dire Streets on Saturday at Tiverton Arts Centre. It was an incredible performance. They played a super selection of classic straits stuff, and the band as a whole was very tight! Really enjoyed the evening and will 100% be going to see them again.

  2. Saw this band on Saturday night at a Bath venue. Really enjoyed the whole evening. They are all superb musicians and the energy from the bass guitarist was amazing! Would definitely see this band again.

  3. Great night last night at Tewkesbury. By the way, I’ve been informed that the Spanish city is a listed building and they
    couldn’t knock it down after all.It is being restored,so the sailors landmark will be there for sometime yet.

  4. Thanks for an absolute memorable experience. Brothers In Arms gets me everytime …. you guys captured the moment of a song that has so much depth and meanjng !! The change of instruments throughout the set captured the original sound of Dire Straits..Thank you for a great evening you are definately one of the best tribute acts in the country !!

  5. When my wife got tickets to your concert other month at Radlett theatre, I honestly thought it would a cheesy pub act tribute, right down to the Knopfler headband and long hair. I went along to keep her happy. God, how wrong I was.

    You guys were utterly utterly amazing, the passion you had for for the music went right down to getting practically every single single single note perfect.

    Utterly incredible performance and, as I said to my wife during Sultans of Swing — if they hit the guitar riff solo notes ill be blown away. You did!! Awesome.

    Your bass guitar dancey bloke just summed up the whole night – he was loving it as did we all!!! Stunning performance and will be seeing you again soon.

    Justin Funtley (Facebook)

  6. Thanks for an amazing night at the Tunnels last night , was blown away with your performance truly very talented musicians ,cant wait to see you next time .

    Jason Sheely (Facebook)

  7. Superb concert,last night, at Bridgwater Arts Centre. See them if you can. Thank you for the plectrum Mr “Rhythm Scouse”. Hope Rick Parfitt’s Grip tip works for you. Thank you for a memorable evening. All the best to you.

    Greg Kett (Facebook)

  8. Mark Knopfler’s voice is so distinctive it could be compared to somebody gargling with gravel and after a couple of notes any Dire Straits tune is instantly recognisable so the latest tribute band to play Bridgwater Arts Centre have to be on their game on both fronts. Dire Streets have been paying homage to the Geordie’s music for many years and it showed as they richly entertained recently.
    After the raucous dancey nights involving the music of the Who and Thin Lizzie, the audience were seated at the request of the band which proved to be the correct one as Dire Straits’ music is to be savoured rather than moshed to. Lead singer John Brunsdon, Gaz Keenan on rhythm guitar, Dik Chandler on drums and Mark Dryden on keyboards kept up the excellent pace with the dancing bass player Eoin McQuone cementing it all, the band joined intermittently by the superb Steve Wiltshire on sax and flute.
    The first set opened with Down to the Waterline with Your Latest Trick and Romeo and Juliet showing the band’s excellent repertoire before the eerily stunning Private Investigations and possibly the best known track of all, Sultans of Swing getting feet tapping. After the break Money For Nothing, Walk of Life and Brothers in Arms were also welcomed by the sedate but appreciative crowd who were treated to the classic Telegraph Road as the icing on a very pleasurable cake.

    Kerry Miller

  9. You guys were really worth much more than the entry fee at the Wharf …it was amazing ! If you ever come up my way to Cheshire/Manchester we’ll be there getting tickets -thanks for a wonderful night. Was pleased I could tell you all personally at the end .

    Sheila Horrocks (Facebook)

  10. What a fantastic show. It was the first time I had seen you play, but it will not be the last. You are truly talented musicians and a perfect tribute to Dire Straits. Meeting you all afterwards was a lovely touch too. Please come back again.

    Tina Davies (Facebook)

  11. I very rarely use facebook etc but I felt I must sit down the morning after listening to Dire Streets at Tavistock. Absolutely brilliant. At the mid-break session I told my sister I already felt we had our money’s worth and more. All the instrumental play was absolutely spot-on. Shaking hands with everyone as they left the arena was a wonderful touch and just capped a most memorable evening. 10/10

  12. Dire Streets surpassed all expectations at the Barrington Theatre last night (Saturday).

    Slick guitar player John Brunsdon, the man with the husky tones of a Knopfler-esque voice had me hooked. ‘So Far Away’ took me away to another time, another place with ‘Lady Writer’. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ flowed effortlessly.

    These were just some of the opening songs. At times, I found Brunsdon’s voice grainier than Knopfler’s and more like Dylan, but it didn’t make a difference.

    These guys were different, of course they were. There will only ever be one Dire Straits, but this tribute was close, yet it didn’t pretend to be the Straits. They are younger than many other tribute bands and full of energy, particularly the bass guitarist, who I can only compare to a bass version of Pete Townshend of The Who.

    During ‘The Bug’ he leapt around the stage, spun round in dizzying circles, jumped up and down and did the classic Townshend straight arm strum! It was totally mesmerising and we were warned ‘do not do this at home’. It was like a bass guitar revelation – I’ve never seen one played like that before. Yet, he didn’t miss a note.

    The band reeled off all the best of Dire Straits including: ‘Love Over Gold,’ Private Investigations’ (a brave song to do) and ‘Sultans of Swing’ which turned into a massive jamming session, that came to a really tight ending. It was superb.

    People were dancing and my feet wanted to be there too, but being typically British, I didn’t get up. In the break people were texting to their friends that “These guys are really fantastic” and they were. I was pleasantly surprised by the Barrington acoustics and the sound engineer go

    t it spot on. It’s a well designed theatre for loud music, yet it’s intimate and I felt I knew John Brunsdon,(lead) Dik Chandler (drums), Eoin McQuone (bass), Ed Arnold (rhythm) and Mark Dryden (keyboards) instead of just seeing them in the distance.

    And with songs like ‘Tunnel of Love, ‘Telegraph Road’ and an encore of ‘Twisting by the Pool’ you have to have those good acoustics. It was a much enjoyed night out in Ferndown.

    I congratulate the manager of the Barrington Andy Bryant for taking the bold step of bringing in regular live music, which previously was a rarity. It is something that satisfies the diverse needs of one of the largest towns in Dorset. I just hope he rebooks Dire Streets as I would love to see them again — with Dire Streets.

    Press Review (Mags4Dorset)

  13. Fabulous evening guys. Fantastic guitar playing. Beautiful haunting sound to Romeo & Juliet by John on the steel guitar. Sultans of Swing had them dancing in the isles.
    Wonderful ear splitting, foot pumping evening. Amazing! Return visit soon please

    Angela Pinner (Facebook)

  14. That was a brilliant set guys, it was part of my girlfriend’s birthday present (she’s a big Dire Straits fan) and we both thought it was great.

    The band are so tight and together, really great musicianship, we listened to “Alchemy” today and you were just as good. Thank you and well done, please come back again.


  15. Cheers guys – really enjoyed the gig in Worcester tonight, especially Sultans of Swing. It’s great to watch a bunch of talented guys who seem to love what they do!

    Mike Burton (facebook)

  16. Hi Chaps my wife and I had a great night at The Mill watching your fantastic band with special thanks to your brilliant new saxophonist and flautist, who dragged “Your Latest Trick” out of the memory banks and on closing our eyes, we were back in Sydney in the late eighties, when we were taken along to see DS by family out there! Thanks for a wonderful night and for a very friendly “Hi” from Eoin the Bop after the show!

    Chris Tait (facebook)

  17. Cannot tell you how fantastic we think you all are, better than the real thing. You can tell how much effort is expended and the great friendship that exists between you, even the relatively new guy who plays sax. I plan to see our local Star Travel and see if he will organise a coach trip to one of your gigs.

    Brenda Difford (facebook)

  18. Saw you last night in Falmouth – awesome Booking for when you come to St Ives in November now!

    Leanne Elizabeth Hall (facebook)

  19. Great show at Dereham Memorial Hall last night Thanks fellas for a smashing evening! !:-)

    Nick Evans (facebook)

  20. Thank you for a fab evening in Diss – just loved it as did my friends. Good to see a bass guy moving and enjoying himself. You are all great musicians, thank you for sharing the music.

    Sally Murray (facebook)

  21. Have been to see these guys twice and they are brilliant. There are not many people who can do the big MK justice but John Brunsdon does. And the band are fantastic too. To hold songs like Tunnel of Love and Telegraph Road together takes some doing. Outstanding and recommend you check them out.

    Alan Fender (youtube)